How my story began

How my story began


hereI was just a normal guy who used to be quiet  most of the time. I was smart and always asked teachers questions. It annoyed them so much, I once got kicked out of a school. I was interested in all kinds of things and after this I slipped into depression for a few years until I joined Engineering!! I know that this is not a unique experience having a life like mine, I also know that many out there have had a life like mine. But, this story is different because my life changed completely as soon as I met her..  

Our first actual conversation started with me saying sorry a few hundred times. A class representative election was being held and there was a position for both a boy and a girl. She stood up for becoming the CR( She’s a magnetic person)  and she wanted me to stand up on behalf of the boys.  I didn’t coz I still had doubts and actually that was the best thing I did. She was sad and she told me that. I tried to console her, it was time to go home. I got in a bus, started looking for her facebook page. I left her a message and also asked for her number. In the evening ( omg it felt like a miracle) she texted me back and also got her number. Believe me guys this is the first time in my life I was happy. It felt like an achievement. And thats how a new friendship began . 

So if anyone out there thinks one fight could end it all, your wrong my friend. Fights are just a loop hole to end up together again. 

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